"Cambiium's property insights are a total game-changer! We've been able to pinpoint the hottest leads and truly understand our market in ways we never thought possible. Our competition doesn't stand a chance!"


What can Property Insights DO FOR YOU?

Powerful, self-serve  analytics to help you discover, engage, and sell new leads.

PRedictive Leads

Gain First Contact Advantage.‍
‍‍Utilize our advanced algorithm that matches potential leads with profiles of previous installs. Target homes most likely to convert, win more deals.

Previous Solar Owners

They'll Buy Again.
Be the first to approach homeowners who have just moved and may be looking for a reliable solar installation provider. Capitalize on these hot leads and stay one step ahead.

Untapped Neighborhoods

Discover New Gold Mines.
Pinpoint neighborhoods with high solar potential yet to be fully realized. Be the first to bring the benefits of solar to these untapped markets.

New Housing Developments

Get In On The Ground Floor.
Gain early access to information about new housing developments and plan your sales approach strategically. Be the preferred solar provider for an entire community.

Competition Monitoring

Stay Ahead of the Game.
Keep a close eye on your competitors' moves. Know where they're finding success and strategize your counter-moves for winning market share.

Market Share Tracking

Plan For Targeted Expansion.
Track your current market share and monitor progress towards your goals. Understand where to focus your efforts for maximum growth.

Partners and Cross-Sells

Strengthen Your Ecosystem.
Identify high-quality contractors for partnerships and explore cross-selling opportunities. Broaden your service offering and increase your per-customer revenue.

Follow-up on Lost Sales

Missed Opportunities to Future Wins.
Understand why and with whom you're losing sales. Learn from these insights to refine your sales strategies and win future customers.

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